Philips announces 9704 range of “LED Pro” televisions

Need another televisual tech phrase to add to the mix?

Sure you do, and today’s word comes from Philips with its new 9704 TV range that offers “LED Pro” technology.

Clearly better than just TVs marketed as LED sets, the “Pro” 9704 range offers “sensational black levels, brilliant whites and an incredible contrast level of 5,000,000:1 – while consuming up to 50% less power than conventional.

The LED Pro bits come in with the 224 LED segments, each of which can be independently dimmed or brightened – or even turned off completely – greatly improving contrast.

A few more proprietary phrases to throw at you now, and there’s also “Perfect Pixel HD engine”, “200Hz Clear technology”, “Perfect Natural Motion system”, “Perfect Colour” and “Colour Booster technology”, all of which are said to add up to a fab viewing experience.

The TV also offers “Ambilight Spectra 3”, another Philips tech, that projects lights from both sides and the top edge of the TV on to the rear wall for what’s claimed to be a more immersive viewing experience.

Other features include a 1ms response time, 2x15W output into four speakers and DNLA-certified Wi-Fi for Philips’ “NetTV” that means you can access the internet through telly and five HDMI 1.3a EasyLink sockets.

All of the above will cost you £1799 for the 40-inch 40PFL9704 and £2499 for the 46-inch 46PFL9704, both due on sale in December.

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