Monitor-IT/Find-It/Fix-It: Isolating and Correcting Underperforming devices & controllers

Monitoring & tuning can be difficult. Any control system that is not tuned for maximum performance can be costly.

By using intelligent led solutions you can monitor the system performance by accessing real-time and/or historical process data for analysis and tuning.

The use and supports the automation functions alarming, scheduling, and trending (AST™). This includes a local scheduling service as well as the possibility to configure several local and remote 24 hour schedulers through the Web interface.

Alarming includes functionality to generate, deliver, acknowledge, and display alarm conditions, regardless of whether alarms occur in the device or arouse the control network. The trending capability includes a periodical or event-driven logging of values with time stamps. Logged events and trend data are stored by the controllere and can be exported with CSV files from the device via an FTP connection.

Controllers that include event-driven e-mail notification as a result of a predefined action triggered by a specific status or an exceeded high limit.

E-mail notification can also be set-up as well be used to forwarded event and trend data as e-mail attachments (CSV files) for long term storage to a central SQL database.

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