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grammarly plagiarism checkerThis is about engineering, IT and people, all connecting together.

Despite these unprecedented economic times, technology continues to be an integral part of how we design, build, lease, operate, transact and use commercial property. Now more than ever, YOU need to harness the power of this technology to improve processes, building operation efficiencies, tenant retention and have a positive impact on the bottom line and every once in a while some new technology or idea comes along that proves to be the tipping point to radical change.

However you define “convergence” – whether it’s based on the network, device or customer experience – it’s clear that we have reached a tipping point. The long awaited shift is well under-way, and the decisions companies in the communications, high-tech and media industries make today will likely affect their destinies for years to come.


  • Building Owners and Operators
  • Developers
  • Builders and Construction Firms
  • Facility Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Investment, Asset, and Portfolio Managers
  • Building Engineers and Architects
  • Corporate Real Estate Directors and IT Staff
  • Government Agencies
  • Building Automation Solutions Providers
  • Commercial Real Estate Applications Providers
  • Technology Developers

Readers will learn why leaders must think differently about how to compete, be profitable and embrace a new art & science of collaboration. They will understand the deep changes occurring in the structure and modus operandi of corporations, based on new competitive principles such as openness, peering, sharing, and acting globally.

As time goes on, this blog will get more diverse, on multiple subjects, with a common tread between them.

Blog contents will include a subject matter because:-

  • I was interested the subject!
  • Gives a look ahead, to future developments and technologies that are coming along.
  • Content must be more than than just a sales blog on a single product.
  • Should be informative and hopefully be solution led based that product focused.

  • This blog is not intended to give all the answers, for example sometimes manufacture information, will be held back.

    If you want more information, well search elsewhere or contact me! (david.slade@davmark.co.uk)

    In marketing speak, “know your audience,” well that’s means me, as this is not intended to be a commercial blog site.


    You can’t be a knowledgeable engineer:-

  • if you don’t understand “how it works”, and…
  • you can’t be a system integrator, if you can not understand the basic design principles, before you add the “interesting network connection and integration bits” , and…
  • you can’t the expect others to care so much about the subject, as you do!
  • because others will assume you can answer all the questions raised!

Spelling in this blog:

No apologies on which English language spelling is used. This blog incorporates technology which spans both US and UK technologies. This is an engineering blog site, not a regional site blog, terms used may be different either side the “pond”. But the engineering remains the same! Even, if Z and S in words seem to be spelt wrong the respective reader.

Final message:

Thanks again for reading this blog.

Thank you to those who have so far given constructive comments on items, so far posted.


David Slade

Managing Director of the Davmark Groupdavid.slade@davmark.co.uk

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