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HV Air Insulated Metering Unit’s – AMU

Monday, March 15th, 2010

For HV metering applications, an AMU is designed for use with the latest HV Ring Main Units, including the extensible units.In its standard format the AMU is designed to connect to remotely mounted tariff metering.

Key Features:
• Compact and lightweight design
• Up to 12kV, 95kVp
• Up to 630A
• Indoor or outdoor application
• Can be supplied as an RMU/AMU combination
• VT isolation as standard for HV testing
• Dual VT and CT ratios available

Additional Options
  • Marshalling Box options:
    • Can include meters within larger Marshalling Box
    • Either left-hand or right-hand mounting
    • Trip-lock out relay for RMU/AMU combinations where emergency tripping required
  • Cable Boxes and Gland Plates:
    • Single core cable arrangement – short 450mm cable box
    • 3-core cable arrangement – long 630mm cable box
  • For voltages above 12kV and ‘special’ Transformer/Current Transformer (VT/CT) configurations, refer to the oil metering unit range technical detail. This includes all 5-limb Voltage Transformer (VT) requirements.