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British Gas Business – Now offering smart metering with automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) free

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Take out a British Gas Business energy contract with a Smart Meter package and get automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) free.

aM&T is a service that collates your company’s energy into a single, clearly presented system.

From British Gas Web Site:

Unless you can quantify your energy consumption, you can’t manage it effectively. Our exclusive Meter and Monitor package gives you the tool-kit to take care of your energy more effectively, with minimum effort.

Switch to Smart Metering and get aM&T for free

Manage your energy more effectively with British Gas Business

Request a Callback and manage your energy more effectively with British Gas Business

or call 0845 077 2210

Our Meter and Monitor package combines all the benefits of Smart Metering – such as accurate bills and aM&T technology . with an energy contract provided by the leading supplier of business energy in the UK.

Not only is it convenient – we’ll project-manage the switch of any remaining standard meters to Smart meters . it also gives you the confidence that comes with dealing with established experts who understand your business.

Reasons to speak to British Gas Business about Meter and Monitor


  • Free Reporting aM&T package
  • An end to estimated bills*
  • Increased energy efficiency »
  • Monitor, report and analyse electricity and gas consumption across your portfolio online
  • Rank best and worst performing sites by consumption or CO2 emissions
  • Use a quick and easy reporting system which shows consumption in simple graphs and tables
  • Switch to Smart Metering and get free aM&T

    Get aM&T for free and manage your energy effectively

    Request a Callback and uncover savings that improve your energy efficiency

    or call 0845 077 2210

    * If there are problems with the technology network we may occasionally need to send an estimated bill.

Vodafone supports British Gas smart metering

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

It has been announced that Vodafone UK has won a multi-million pound contract to work with British Gas in its roll-out of smart metering across the UK.As part of the deal, Vodafone will provide almost 1 million GPRS connections for household meters to help people monitor the gas they use. It is hoped that this will lead to cost savings for households and will lower C02 emissions, thus helping the environment.

In addition the new system will mean that meters can be read automatically. Gas users will no longer have to wait for someone to come and read their meter or receive estimated bills. They will be charged for exactly the energy they consume. This will provide nearly a million GPRS connections within household utility meters to send real-time energy use data back to British Gas.

Vodafone’s network in the UK will send real time data on energy use from the smart meter back to British Gas.

The announcement focuses in on the convenience as the main benefit.  Customers will no longer need to be in attendance for someone to read their meter, since bills will be automatically generated from the data sent back by the meter.  But this is the first stage of a process to enable customers to be much more aware of energy use in real time, with the potential to adjust usage accordingly.  Combined with differential tariffs in the future, it’s seen as an effective way to reduce energy use and hence emissions.Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director, from Vodafone UK, stated: “As the UK’s best network we are always improving services to make our customers’ lives easier.” He went on to say: ” We’re pleased to be working with British Gas on this trial to accelerate the roll-out of smart meters into British homes. Consumers can count on our fast, reliable network to help them manage their energy costs with British Gas and do their bit to help reduce carbon emissions.”

In December the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced its programme for the implementation of smart meters in the UK.  The plan is that all homes will have smart gas and electricity meters, supplied by their energy suppliers, by the end of 2020.  That’s 47 million meters in 26 million properties at a cost of £8.6bn.  This British Gas/Vodafone contract is a trial.