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David Slade – Typical engineering work undertaken

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Seasoned electrical design engineer representing multi national and SME size companies, within the Building Services built environment, in tacking major capital projects with confidence, applying a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience to the task; identifying technical requirements for M&E projects and delivering compliant quality designs on time and budget, managing over 100 staff and sub-contractors. Worked on a vast range of design solutions for different industries and uses, based upon BS7671 and NFPA 70 National Electrical Code, for UK and international overseas projects.

Strengths in identifying and solving problems, and communicating these, to be championed as a win-win solution for all  (Client, designer and installer) within agreed target KPI targets and ROI’s.

Experience of business development, branding and taking products and services to market, in defining service offerings and client fee negotiation.


Project manager, Electrical and system integrator designer, problem-solving/decision making, leadership, oral/written communications, team-building, performance and productivity improvement, project management professional, Client’s Business Plans, CAPEX / OPEX Finance support, Marketing strategies, outline and detailed scheme presentations.

Project management:
Cost Forecasting and Analysis, Design Development and Value Engineering Reviews, Building Services Surveys; Commissioning Management, Client handover and demonstrations. CDM & Health and Safety related matters, Project Management, Facilitating client or consultation duties to ensure all design and installation requirements are implemented, contract agreements, scope of works, and liaison with all main/principle contractors and sub contractors / specialist suppliers to achieve resolution and closure of all design and associated responsibilities & installation issues. DSEAR, ATEX, HAZOP studies.

Infrastructure Analysis and Design, Planning Submission and other legal Consents; Utilities coordination; EHV & HV network design, GS/OS standards and OFGEM / Regulatory framework; Energy Networks Association Technical Specifications [ENATS] ER G5/4, 59/1; 57/1 & 83, private networks, DNO’s, ASA, OAMI’s, LEC’S.

Design engineering:
Electrical services design to BS7671 (Including Lighting, Electrical distribution, General power, Fire Detection & Protection, Intelligent Building, security & CCTV, IT and General Building Services), Integrated Design Co-ordination, General and Technical Specifications, M&E Design Authority and Resident Engineer & Supervision duties, life-cycle, PFI Schemes, Reports  (Technical, Financial and Executive summaries), Vertical Transport design, Standby UPS and generator power, CHP/Co-generation, renewable energy sources,

Client side duties:
Developing, implementing and cultivating long-term strategic business goals and objectives, in conjunction with stakeholders. Responsible for developing the company standards, monitoring and reporting of existing services capability and planned growth. Propose capital project planning & rollout for all new and development of existing real-estate. Ensuring the business is never affected by planned company growth, expansion role outs or service outages. The approval of all major planned maintenance regimes, to be achieved safely, within approved procedures and standards and within agreed target KPI targets and ROI’s.


Saturday, April 11th, 2009

I have worked on Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) technical groups on Intelligent building solutions.  Undertaking evaluations and consulting research on various products, services, solutions and standards to support of procurement, development, troubleshoot and performance-tune these applications, and how to specify and successfully get installers to comply with these requirements at minimum of effort by the contractor / installer to comply with the end user requirements.

David has in the past assisted & supporting technical submissions to ACE, BRISA, BOC, CABA, CIBSE & RIBA. In 2006, in conjunction with Paul Mason developed the BRISA, consulting engineers design / production duties detail key stage publication.


2007  –  Teaching homes to be green: Smart homes and the environment – Green Alliance

The Green Alliance approached David to help them with their new best practice guidelines, with Gordon Brown’s latest prioritisation on green living, David’s advise was in a select group of quite a few rather impressive co authorities, including:  The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, The DTI, The Environment Agency, The Energy Savings Trust, Defra, CLG, The BRE to say nothing of The Prime Minister’s Office itself.

Channel 4 – Grand Designs 2008

David was appointed to assist in the design a special housing project, on Channel 4 – Kevin McLeod’s “Grand Designs”, which was broadcast in April 2008.


Promotion of Automated commercial buildings:

For the US and Canadian markets, I’m known as an evangelist on promoting BI benefits worldwide and is regularly requested to give talks, presentations, workshops and seminars overseas on the subject to both to national / federal governments organisations, trade association groups and at International conferences about advance building services and IIT solutions, including BOMA, CABA, IET, Infocom & Realcom at various international venues.

Attended CABA Intelligent Buildings Town Hall – Realcomm07, held at Hynes Convention Centre – Boston USA relating to a special Intelligent Buildings Task Force to share and discuss some of the key objectives for the industry

CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum – InfoComm07.

I was asked by CABA to give a speech and a workshop at the Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum, relating to IIT solutions and the opportunities, training, risks and rewards within this industry, held at Hilton, Anaheim, USA, in conjunction with InfoComm Conference & Exhibition. CABA’s feedback was very positive. CABA reported that “David received the loudest applause of any of the speakers”, relating to Davmark’s IIT solution held at Hilton Anaheim USA – Infocomm07.

InfoComm is the world’s largest tradeshow in the professional audiovisual industry held in the USA. Nearly 28,000 attendees attended.

Market & industry sectors designed for

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Market & industry sectors I’ve designed for, include: –

Commercial offices, (Shell & fit-out), Banking and dealing / trading floors,  Business Park Developments, Science Parks, Call Centres, Headquarters offices,  Banks & Building Society refurbishments, fashion house and art studio complex.

Schools (Traditional and PFI contracts), Colleges, Universities and campus, Hotel &

Leisure industries:-
Hotels (Single and International), Conferencing and Banqueting Centres,
Entertainment complex developments, Cinemas, Leisure & Fitness Centres,
Sport Halls, Swimming Pools, Restaurant’s.

Retail properties,  Shopping Centers & Malls, National Distribution Centres
(Food/Goods warehouse & Data Processing), Petrol Stations

Airports (Landside & Airside developments, including Arrivals / Departure’s, Pier Developments and terminals), Baggage handling, Specialist systems (FIDS, MAID, ADAM, HEART, CCTV etc)
Railway projects, Railtrack (National Railway Stations Developments), London Underground above and below stations, Dockland light railway

Telecommunications Industry, (including IT networks and cabling multimedia & video conferencing etc);   Collocation/Internet Backbone Providers; Switch sites, PoP’s, Mobile operators switch & co-lo data server sites & National Control centre &Call Centres.
Health Care:-
PFI Hospitals, Hospital wards & Health Centres and other health care type related properties

Government & military:-
HMP (Prisons), HMYOI (Young Offenders Institute),   HM Secure Care Centres, Detention Centres, Court Rooms (Magistrates, Crown Court to Commonwealth Court of Appeal), Government Buildings (Home Office (Immigration and Naturalisation), MOD (UK Army & RAF Airfields, Headquarters buildings & other military establishment premises) to Defence Estates JSP / NATO standards.

Pharmaceutical Industries, Research & Development Facilities / Laboratory’s, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing Industries, Petrochemical control rooms,
Wind Tunnels, Warehouse & Industrial units.
Single and multi-residential dwellings
Penthouse complexities
Prestige VIP residential “manor house” type with family and guest wings, and multi functional areas, dining rooms, party entertainment areas, internal swimming pool, spar pool, gym and sauna & steam rooms, plus house staff quarters etc.
Modular / bespoke prefabricated housing solutions.
Offshore & Ships:-
Super-yacht  (170 mtr, seven main deck levels; 5 Star plus residential & hotel complex).
Overseas development projects: –
Water infrastructure and associated company buildings for workshops, staff quarters, and other associated township & support maintenance requirements. Internet Backbone & telecom collocation Providers.

Also advised on international standards for overseas projects throughout the world for planning design/consents, recognised standards, testing and certification bodies etc.

David Slade – about me

Saturday, April 11th, 2009



I commenced work as an apprentice electrician, and have gone on over the last 25 years to hold senior design and management positions working within multinational and SME companies, within Building Services built environment, with a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience, in tacking major capital projects with confidence. I have worked on a vast range of design solutions for different industries and uses.

To be one of the best you need to understand the project communications,  design responsibilities and client confidentiality, when working with clients on internationally-known projects, with curious media interests looking for a story.

Unusually for a engineer trained person. I’ve also had has experience for client’s offering  business development, taking manufacturing products and other professional services to market.

That’s without the cause related charity work.

Known as the ‘Third sector’ – That another different world again.

This is a major clash of mind sets, as they don’t normally fully understand each other.

For the engineer:

Works with facts, engineering physics, rules & regulations, building codes and regulations, use standards to determine what to select and use. Prove with calculations, and designed so that it can be constructed by others.

Computer: Intel computer with Microsoft software: Word, excel, Autocad and other specialist software being used.

Output: drawings, reports, specifications……..For a tender issue – Box or CD full of paper work (A4, A3, A0) bound / loose for copying by others.


For advertising it’s generally about branding and a single message to market, using as little amount of words and images, as possible to communicate this to the intended customer.

Designer: Images, phase, image, look and feel.

Computer:  Apple G5 – (What other computer’s could my client be using then? Intel whats that?)

Output: Dependent on output media: One image, tag line or a poster.

The effort is getting to this delivery point.

Marketing is different it’s about planning and ‘the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably’. This definition covers just about every aspect of business, from what you pay for your raw materials, right through to how you make, price, distribute, advertise and sell the ‘look and feel’ of the product / service.

Designers and publishers:  Apple G5

Management: G5 / Intel computers

I’m also internationally known for my developed in Integrated Information Technology (IIT) design approach solutions.

I’m regularly requested to present these ideas at various seminar / leadership forums and workshops internationally, including CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forums, relating to leading edge IIT solutions and business opportunities, risks and rewards. Introduced and defined “Lifetime Freedom Homes” to the industry.

Welcome to my world