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MEIGaN – Medical Electrical Installation Guidance

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

MEIGaN – Medical Electrical Installation Guidance is intended to be used by healthcare organisations and medical devices suppliers responsible for permanent electrical installation of medical devices and associated equipment in diagnostic imaging (including dental X-ray units) and radiotherapy rooms/suites. Its requirements are intended for application by staff with electrical knowledge.

Where complied with a complete set of paper commissioning records, sufficient to show compliance with the EIGaN guidance shall be made available to the owner at handover.

This document may also be of use to persons installing permanently installed medical evices in other clinical areas, but has not yet been agreed by interested parties oncerned with installations other than for imaging and radiotherapy.

Covering the electrical wiring and installation up to the terminals of ermanently installed medical devices and to the supply outlets for other medical sevices, and is intended to improve the reliability and resilience of the power supplies sed in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy rooms/suites as well as their electrical safety.

Healthcare organisations should include as a condition of contract that ‘the electrical installation shall meet the requirements of BS 7671 IEE Wiring Regulations, MEIGaN, HTM 2007 and BS EN 60601-1-1:2001.’

The guidance document supplements the following, all relevant requirements of which apply:

• BS 7671:2001 Requirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations. Sixteenth edition, including amendment No. 1 2002 and No. 2 2004
• NHS Estates HTM 06-01 Electrical services, supply and distribution
• BS EN60601-1-1:2006 Medical electrical equipment. General requirements for safety. Collateral standard. Safety requirements for medical electrical systems.
Annex 1 of the document is based on IEC 60364-7-710 [4] and IEE Guidance Note 7 and will be incorporated in a subsequent revision of HTM 06-01.

The document document has been produced by the MHRA and representatives from the Department of Health’s Estates and Facilities Division, the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland administrations, NHS electrical experts, medical device suppliers and pre-installation companies.

It is intended for new buildings, refurbished rooms and transportable diagnostic or treatment rooms and is not retrospective.

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4 IEC 60364-7-710:2002 Electrical installations of buildings – Part 7-710: requirements for special installations or locations – medical locations.
Note: the MHRA and DH Estates and Facilities Division recommend that MEIGaN is used.

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