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Digital signage

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Digital signage provides innovative in-store advertising and promotional marketing that extends TV, radio, print and online media campaigns. It offers an integrated approach that “reminds” consumers of key marketing messages at the point of purchase and provides a powerful way of stimulating impulse purchases and increasing sales.

As TV audiences become more fragmented due to the growth in digital services, advertisers are looking for new ways to reach mass audiences.

Digital in-store advertising provides a new and complementary revenue stream for retailers, brands and media companies.

  • grow – create an additional advertising revenue stream by reaching new in-store audiences.
  • target – target specific audience groups as they go about their every day business.
  • attract – grab attention with eye-catching digital signage that stands out in a retail crowd.
  • engage – engage the audience with stimulating content.
  • re-enforce – re-enforce brand, advertising and marketing messages within a wider campaign
  • influence – influence purchase decisions when the target audience is in “shopping mode”.
  • sales – stimulate impulse purchases and generate sales uplift.
  • promote – promote special offers, related websites and third party products and services.
  • inform – complement advertising and promotions with local community and public information.
  • trigger – trigger campaigns in response to breaking news, competitive promotions or local events.
  • comply – achieve 100% Point of Purchase compliance by eliminating in-store dependencies.
  • educate – train in-store sales staff on key unique selling points of your products.
  • reduce – reduce waste and losses by promoting perishable goods near date-code expiry times.
  • green – reduce the shipment and disposal of print Point of Purchase material.
  • consistent – deliver consistent promotions across retail groups to help maximise buying power.
  • responsible – complement campaigns with social awareness messages.