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Monday, April 5th, 2010


What is Energywatch’s role?

Energywatch is the independent watchdog for the gas and electricity industries. Its aim is to ensure that users get the most out of their gas and electricity providers, and does so by providing free and impartial advice on gas and electricity supplier issues, and dealing with consumer complaints that cannot be solved by complaining directly to their supplier.

Energywatch can also be used to find out performance statistics for suppliers, as well as for assistance and advice on gas and electricity bill pricing.

How does Energywatch deal with customer complaints?

Energywatch serves as a final port of call for individuals unhappy or dissatisfied with the service they have received from their gas or electricity provider. If a consumer cannot satisfactorily resolve a problem they have with their provider by contacting them directly, Energywatch will act on the consumer’s behalf to investigate and solve the problem, either by seeking compensation for the consumer, or, in more severe cases, naming and shaming offending companies.

All feedback taken on board from consumers is used by Energywatch to work with the gas and electricity providers to adapt and improve on existing customer service policies.

How can I complain to Energywatch?

If you are dissatisfied with the resolution your gas or electricity provider has offered you, contact Energywatch either by phone on: 08459 06 07 08, or use the online contact form.