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EON now investing up to £12m in Smart Metering

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Smart Metering

From EON web site:

What’s it all about?

Smart Meters are a new type of energy meter, which offer a number of benefits to homes and businesses. At E.ON we’ve been carrying out various trials as part of our commitment to the changing energy market.

Smart Meters potentially offer reliable and accurate billing based on actual meter reads, which are collected remotely and removes the need for someone to read your meter manually.

What’s in it for the customer?

  • Saving time

    Unlike traditional meters, Smart Meters are read remotely. This means you won’t need to answer the door to meter readers, fill in a card or even provide readings online.

  • Saving money

By automating the whole process you’ll only be billed for the energy you’ve used – giving you more control and potentially saving you money. There will be fewer inaccurate estimated bills and meter reading mistakes.

  • Saving energy

More accurate readings also means that you’ll get better information about the energy you’ve used. Using these figures to change the way we use energy is another way we could help fight climate change. Along with our Consumption Tracker* service and Go Green product, we can really help you do your bit for the environment.

So what happens next?

We’re investing up to £12m in Smart Metering, keep an eye on this website for further updates.