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Footfall – people counting

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Accurate people counting gives you powerful intelligence for strategic planning.

People counting technology has transformed the way business decisions are made. It’s the only practical way to get a clear picture of occupancy, pedestrian flows and retail traffic. And it can make customer behaviour transparent, revealing exactly how visitors respond in their movements around a site.

People counting systems you can…

  • Immediately evaluate and adapt marketing activities according to retail traffic.
  • Improve customer service and reduce staff costs by matching staff levels to varying occupancy.
  • Make best use of low occupancy periods, for example with maintenance activities.
  • Assess sales conversion rates and see how new product lines or services affect footfall.
  • Identify high performing stores and pinpoint the reasons for their success

A footfall dashboard puts you in control of the data…

  • See total and average footfall to date and for any given period.
  • Compare different periods over a number of years with graphs and statistics.
  • Automatically highlight key dates such as bank holidays.
  • Create a journal to evaluate and compare your own special events and marketing activities.
  • Upload sales data to see sales conversion rates.
  • Analyse data against number of staff working.
  • View and compare parameters such as occupancy, footfall or dwell time.