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British Gas Business – Now offering smart metering with automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) free

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Take out a British Gas Business energy contract with a Smart Meter package and get automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) free.

aM&T is a service that collates your company’s energy into a single, clearly presented system.

From British Gas Web Site:

Unless you can quantify your energy consumption, you can’t manage it effectively. Our exclusive Meter and Monitor package gives you the tool-kit to take care of your energy more effectively, with minimum effort.

Switch to Smart Metering and get aM&T for free

Manage your energy more effectively with British Gas Business

Request a Callback and manage your energy more effectively with British Gas Business

or call 0845 077 2210

Our Meter and Monitor package combines all the benefits of Smart Metering – such as accurate bills and aM&T technology . with an energy contract provided by the leading supplier of business energy in the UK.

Not only is it convenient – we’ll project-manage the switch of any remaining standard meters to Smart meters . it also gives you the confidence that comes with dealing with established experts who understand your business.

Reasons to speak to British Gas Business about Meter and Monitor


  • Free Reporting aM&T package
  • An end to estimated bills*
  • Increased energy efficiency »
  • Monitor, report and analyse electricity and gas consumption across your portfolio online
  • Rank best and worst performing sites by consumption or CO2 emissions
  • Use a quick and easy reporting system which shows consumption in simple graphs and tables
  • Switch to Smart Metering and get free aM&T

    Get aM&T for free and manage your energy effectively

    Request a Callback and uncover savings that improve your energy efficiency

    or call 0845 077 2210

    * If there are problems with the technology network we may occasionally need to send an estimated bill.