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Gas distribution, Transporters and suppliers the UK

Monday, April 5th, 2010

There are over 18 Energy companies supplying the UK.

Gas supplies are similar to electrical regulated market, although not so complex!

Gas distribution:

Gas distribution is the process whereby gas is taken from the high pressure transmission system and distributed through low pressure networks of pipes to industrial complexes, offices and homes.

There are eight gas distribution networks (GDNs), which each cover a separate geographical region of Britain. In addition there are a number of smaller networks owned and operated by Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) – most but not all of these networks have been built to serve new housing.

Existing gas distribution networks are monopolies. GDNs and IGTs are regulated by Ofgem to protect consumers from potential abuse of monopoly power.

In order to be able to distribute gas on the distribution systems, a GDN and IGT must hold a licence. The licences contain conditions which among other things limit the amount of revenue which these companies can recover from their customers.

The gas distribution sector has recently undergone a major change. On 1 June 2005 National Grid Gas plc sold four of the eight GDNs to Scotia Gas Networks (which owns Southern Gas Network and Scotland Gas Network), Northern Gas Networks and Wales & West Utilities.

At its simplest National Grid, Scotia Gas Networks, Gas Transporters (IGTs) are the companies that pipes gas on behalf of the UK’s gas suppliers.

Gas suppliers

Gas suppliers providing the gas in the UK.

Summary for the customer:

  • Gas is metered and you pay only for the units you use.
  • Gas rates differ across the different providers.
  • You can switch your Gas supplier at any time if you wish and lots of competition means switching could mean savings for you.

To find out more information about your Gas company or any of the other companies in the UK, click on a logo below.



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