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Heathrow installs hand scanner to monitor employees

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Installer Security Systems Techology (SST) has fitted supplied London Heathrow airport with a biometric time and attendance product to monitor the movement of its staff.

The system, which operates through mains power, uses a data transfer process that relies solely on SIM cards via a GSM over TCP/IP solution.

The product is based on topographical scanning of an employee’s hand in order that shifts can be logged.

After scanning it can then raise an alert by text or email if the airport’s employees clock in later than scheduled.

SST said: “The system is an alternative to non-contact proximity cards or fobs which are commonly abused, and the technology has reduced client payroll costs by up to 5 per cent as only precise hours worked are claimed.”

The equipment has been installed in the airport’s Terminals 3 and 5.

SST added: “The units can form part of a wide area network, with individual members of multiple-site organisations reporting to a central server, so allowing management to see real-time overall data.”