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Healthcare – Electronic patient record (EPR) architecture

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

There have been two major approaches to the development of networked electronic patient record (EPR) architecture. One uses object-oriented methodologies for constructing the model. The second approach uses document-oriented methodologies. It is practically beneficial to take the advantages of both approaches and to add solution technologies for network security such as PKI. In recognition of the similarity with electronic commerce, a certificate authority as a trusted third party will be organised for establishing networked EPR system.

Medical images are currently created digitally and stored in the radiology department’s picture archiving and communication system. Reports are usually stored in the electronic patient record of other information systems, such as the radiology information system (RIS) and the hospital information system (HIS). But high-quality services can only be provided if electronic patient record data is integrated with digital images in picture archiving and communication systems. Clinicians should be able to access both systems’ data in an integrated and consistent way as part of their regular working environment, whether HIS or RIS. Also, this system should allow for teleconferencing with other users, eg, for consultation with a specialist in the radiology department. Technology is going over to a web-based solution that integrates the digital images of picture archiving and communication systems with electronic patient record/HIS/RIS data and has built-in teleconferencing functionality. This integration has been successfully tested using three different commercial RIS and HIS products.