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British Gas launches integrated service to cut business energy consumption

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


British Gas has launched an energy management service aimed at its business customers that is believed to be unique in the market that will reduce their energy costs by at least 10 percent.

The service, Energy360, is being delivered through British Gas Business (BGB), which is marketing it as a new perspective on energy management and the first on the market to offer its customers a truly integrated energy service, from supply to solution and management.

Energy360 is aimed at businesses and has been designed to achieve three main objectives – cost savings, meeting legal and regulatory obligations, and delivering against corporate social responsibility requirements.

The service offers a range of solutions including smart metering, automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) of energy consumption data, the availability of building management systems, including energy efficient boilers, lighting and HVAC equipment  – through British Gas Business’s’ recent acquisition of Building Management System Integrators (BMSi) – and energy certificates.

“As the global energy crunch continues to bite, we are exploring new ways of helping customers reduce their energy consumption,” commented Badar Khan, Managing Director of British Gas Business. “Our new energy services include building control technologies, automated monitoring and targeting and smart metering which will help businesses track energy consumption and optimize the operation of energy intensive systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting.”

Clients of Energy360, through BMSi, include British airport company BAA and the high street pharmacy chain Boots.

What is ADDAX IMS?

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

ADDAX Integrated Metering System (ADDAX IMS) is a modern automated system designed for remote metering and management of different resources consumption. The System can integrate meters designed for different resources, thereby, ADDAX IMS can perform metering of several kinds of resources simultaneously.

System Application Domains

– Electrical Energy Metering
– Gas Metering
– Water Metering
– Heat Metering
– Street Lighting Management
– Demand Management

System Potential Users

– Utilities
– Municipal Services
– Power Services of Enterprises
– Cooperative Consumers

Scalability, Flexibility and Openness

ADDAX IMS is a scalable system that can be easily extended in accordance with customer’s requirements. System’s size can range from a separate building to a multi-million city.

ADDAX IMS is a flexible system that can be easily adjusted, both structurally and functionally, to particular application conditions.

ADDAX IMS is an open system, compatible with other systems, for example, billing system, supporting standard protocols and generally accepted data formats.

System’s Structure

ADDAX IMS has a 3 level architecture.

Lower Level. This level includes terminal devices that are installed directly at metering points. They can be ADDAX-devices (meters, controllers), or devices produced by other manufacturers, supporting interfaces applied in System (DLMS/COSEM protocols).

Middle Level. The middle level represents data transmission via any from accessible physical environments: GSM (GPRS), Ethernet, PL (MV), PL (LV), RF, wire (several variants).

Upper Level.  This level refers to data collection into Processing Center. The Center software includes:
– MS Windows 2000 SP4 / XP SP2 / 2003 Server   SP1
– MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
– MS Office 2000 / 2003+
– ADDAX (ADDAX IMS) Application Soft

Basic Technology

ADDAX IMS is manufactured on the base of ADDAX Technology, developed and owned by ADD GRUP.

System Manufacturers

Licensed ADDAX Manufacturers

System Evolution

ADDAX IMS is a constantly upgraded system. Upgrade is influenced by our customers’ requests, as well as by accumulated experience and high level of ADDAX technology, achieved today.


ADDAX IMS is implemented in a series of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Total number of installed metering points is about 800 000.