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iPhone software allows you to run a bath

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

A new iPhone feature that makes it possible to run a bath before getting home has been created by scientists.

The software means the phone can send instructions to a set of high-tech taps on a bath tub that can control the temperature, pressure and draining of the water, and even how many bubbles in the bath.

The Bath-o-matic software for iPhone is available free from Apple’s popular App Store, but users must also pay £4,000 for the technology at home.

They will then be able to select the temperature, depth and fragrance of the water and even how many bubbles in the bath.

The software means the phone can send instructions to a set of high-tech taps on a bath tub that can control the temperature, pressure and draining of the water so that the bath will be ready when arriving home.

Unique Automation, the London-based company behind the device, showed off its wares at a trade show this week.

A spokesman said: “At the touch of a button, Bath-o-matic fills the bath to perfection – even adding bubbles and perfumes.

“Bringing full automation to the bathroom at last, this technological breakthrough offers energy and water savings plus flooding and scalding prevention.”

Sharon Munday, a 27 year-old secretary, viewed the Bath-o-matic demonstration at the CEDIA Expo 2009 at the ExCeL centre in London.

“It really shows off just how the iPhone is becoming the ultimate remote control for everything in the home,” she said.

“If I had £4,000 spare I’d get one. It would be perfect for me as I have a 20 minute drive home from the office and could set it to run as I leave and hop in as soon as I got home. That would be absolute bliss.”

A shower version of the software is coming soon.

CEDIA 2008: Home Installers Love iPhone Apps

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009


The iPhone 3G may be the new universal remote control real soon.

Custom installation companies are, offering custom applications for a variety of A/V systems. They include a Windows Media Center App, lighting fixture controls, and even a full security-monitoring app.

As a result, you’re now able to perform wondrous tricks, like leaving the house with the door unlocked, walk a block, then lock it through your iPhone. That will be perfect for childish shenanigans on Halloween.

Here are some of the new iPhone apps of the installers:

ILoveControl’s app works with Cestron systems and is available as a free download at the Apple App Store starting today. It controls up to 16 zones of A/V systems (like climate and shading), lighting and more. While you can’t customize your own system yet, Cestrom says it will add this feature to the iPhone app in the near future.


Check out more iPhone A/V apps after the jump.


Savant Systems – The control platform of the main Savant systems are based on Apple’s OS X Leopard and an iPhone app was only natural. Savant has created a colorful app that controls all of its main systems, and it is creating an ‘Excellence in AV’ program where Apple developers can use the guts of the systems and create new design applications.


kanos Consulting’s Go Gadgets – Use your iPhone to go through Windows Sideshows for presentations.

Using Kanos as an in-between hardware installer with the iPhone as a remote seems like a good idea. Especially when you realize that it can work with Outlook, if that’s what you’re into.


SmartLabs’ NetLinc Insteon Central Controller – Insteon gadgets manage everything from the lighting of the gymnasium to the security of a house, which is why many installers seemed very excited about the possibilities with the iPhone.

One thing people weren’t that excited about? The fact you still need a receiver for every electrical plug in order for it to be placed under the iPhone’s control. Also, the UI of the app is not that well designed, as you can see from the picture. Mainly, it’s too small, simple, and ugly too look at.


AirRemote – Uses a global cache adapter to control different A/V home systems, but apparently, is supposed to cost over $100 to manage from your iPhone. That doesn’t sounds like a great buy incentive.

At CEDIA, they announced an update to the App, taking into account the 36 card slots for customized A/V configurations of their new systems.


Command Fusion’s iViewer – This third-party app works with Control4 and Crestron devices, and just like a few others, you can control the lights, and the temperature of one or many rooms.

SpeakerCraft’s MODE Multiroom App – The company known for crazy kooky rock speakers will include their iPhone app along when an installer buys its full in-wall speaker system.


HAI WL3 – HAI Control Systems can already be manipulated by most other PDAs, since it’s built on top of WL3 software.

My House UI for Control4 A/V Systems (see lead photo)– My House UI controls multi-room music, and the home theater, though it’s only supposed to work on the same WiFi network at the same Control4 system, disallowing the openness the device is meant to offer.