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Do any women enjoy anal intercourse?

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Do any women enjoy anal intercourse?

Any Woman and guy Can (and certainly will) Enjoy anal intercourse it right if they do

If it is painful for a female: YOU DO IT INCORRECT!

Simply wished to place it nowadays.

Additionally sex that is analn’t always suggest – “penis within the ass”.

To accomplish it pleasurably you’ll need 10–30 minutes of preparation and foreplay.

I stop with massaging around anus and put a hand in. I myself appreciate it mostly with only a finger inside, which can be sufficient to stimulate the nerves.

But yeah… if macho guy simply would like to satisfy their ego to screw a lady inside her ass… it is perhaps not the motivation… that is best and certainly will maybe not be extremely enjoyable.

How come anal stimulation enjoyable?

Because there are incredibly many nerve endings for the reason that area.. for females there is certainly some erectile muscle which can be stimulated through anal…(as well as through the base of vagina).

Plus, males might have much more pleasures than women there and attain prostate orgasm (simply and that means you know).

A background that is little

I will be 30, male. Over years I’ve had intercourse with 30–40 females. 4 of them enjoyed sex that is anal. (more…)