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Solar Cells for Highways Generate Electricity Even at Night

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Solar Cells for Highways Generate Electricity Even at Night

A promising invention now being tested at Towson University in Maryland collects and stores solar energy, even when it isn’t sunny.

The inventor says the circular solar collectors placed along a wall gathers much more energy than flat panels, even when its a dim day or at night.

“Part of the ability we have that no other solar cell system in the world has is when headlights strike these tubes at night, they create electricity,” said Kahrl Retti, Solarroad Technologies.

The electrawall also stores what it collects in batteries.

Solaroad Technologies is part of a business incubator at Towson University, near Baltimore. The invention was recently shown to Maryland Congressman John Sarbanes, who’s committee is encouraging development of alternate sources of energy. The inventor claims a million feet of his collectors could match the output of a small nuclear generator.

“Solaroad is developing this technology that can be deployed very quickly across the country in ways that can capture the sun and capture light and produce energy from that,” said Congressman Sarbanes.

Professors and students at Towson are involved in testing of the solar tubes. “We have had at least one or ten student interns working in the company as well as research projects on the capabilities of the technology,” said Dyan Brasington, Towson University.

The company also wants to market a cube tube, which would be installed on top of a workers cubicle in an office and it would get energy from the florescent lights in the work space.

Every cubicle in America that has a computer, printer, light whatever could be powered using interior photo voltaic cells.

Source: Ecofriend .

Wind and Solar-Powered Street Lighting Skips the Grid

Friday, May 29th, 2009

French company Windela has created a street lighting system that works without any connection to the grid. The Windelux is powered by both a small vertical wind turbine and a solar PV panel.The lamp is comprised of 84 LEDs and automatically switches on when a photosensitive cell detects that it’s dark. A built-in control system stops the wind generator if the wind speed is too high and also allows the pole to act as a Wi-Fi relay.

Inside the pole is the battery that makes all this possible. A rechargable LiFePo battery stores the energy generated by the solar PV panel and wind generator and supplies four nights worth of light before needing to be recharged.

Street lighting accounts for a huge percentage of most cities energy use and costs. The Windelux seems to be an ideal solution for providing both street lighting and distributing Wi-Fi, without ever touching the grid. Currently, units have only been installed in France and Algeria.