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Power LEDs breach 100-lumen-per-watt barrier

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Philips Lumileds has launched a power LED that exceeds the psychologically important output of 100 lumens per watt.

The company says the Luxeon Rebel ES will make it easier to create solid-state systems that that is more efficient than conventional lighting in applications such as outdoor illumination and refrigeration.

Philips Lighting's Rudi Provoost at Lightfair

Provoost Talking up LEDs at Lightfair in New York

Advantage, lighting designers
Steve Barlow, executive VP of sales and marketing at Philips Lumileds, said the device “meets two complementary objectives: extending the energy-saving ability of LED technology and simplifying LED product selection to make it easier for lighting designers to take advantage of those capabilities”.

Flux binning and forward voltage binning selections for the Luxeon Rebel ES are pre-determined to deliver efficacy of 100 lumens per watt. Designers simply have to choose the colour temperature of the device. Philips says this will speed design and manufacturing, and lower development costs.

LED manufacturing technology
The company says fluctuation of efficacy and light output is minimised with changes in temperature.

The devices are manufactured using Philips Lumileds’ thin film flip chip technology, and the company said the Luxeon Rebel ES benefits from the continuous improvement of epitaxial processes.

Biggest change since electric light
Philips Lighting CEO Rudy Provoost, speaking at Lightfair International in New York, described solid state lighting as “arguably the most profound change the industry has witnessed since the invention of electric light itself”. He said the company was a leader in every part of the solid state lighting chain, “from processors and components to light engines and modules; lamps, fixtures and luminaires to complete lighting systems”.

He added that the recent acquisitions of Lumileds, Color Kinetics and the Genlyte group had “laid the foundation for a holistic approach”, and that licensing of Philips IP portfolio, such as the recent deal with Zumtobel, would “open up the full potential of LED solutions to the entire industry. This will help fuel the growth of the solid state market”.