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Thursday, March 25th, 2010

One of the major problems of cash-based parking payment systems has been the time spent in queues waiting to obtain a ticket or to pay a cashier. Queues can cause congestion in areas within and outside of parking facilities. Electronic payment can eliminate the need to stop when getting a ticket or paying. For a description of electronic payment and its different technologies. Advanced fare payment systems are also used in advanced parking, and one of the most widely used technology is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).The use of RFID or Transponders is surging throughout the world because they permit fast and easy access to parking facilities. RFID is a wireless process that recognizes an object by detecting and reading a unique radio-signal. The signal conveys information regarding the user; when it is within five feet of the entrance, the transponder emits a signal that the main computer then verifies. This system permits hands-free, nonstop parking access. People need not loose time searching for money or cards when paying.

One emerging parking payment technology falls under the rubric of m-commerce, which refers to the wireless payment of services (or products) like parking. An m-commerce parking lot allows drivers to use their mobile phones to wirelessly “deposit” money towards time in a parking space and remain updated via SMS messaging on the time remaining. Drivers usually have to register their license plate and credit card number in order to use the wireless metering. These virtual parking systems exist in various stages of development around the world but have made the most progress in Asia and Europe.