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What to do with your packaging material? How about a functional record player!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

A direct mail marketing piece designed by a sound design/production company converts in one step to a functional record player. The package, which is made of corrugated cardboard and contains a 45-rpm record, unfolds into a makeshift user-powered record player.

The record is spun by hand, with a pencil. And the sound is generated through a built-in needle via a cardboard “speaker.”

The company, Vancouver-based Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions, even has an amusing video (1:22) demonstrating how the record player works:

I suspect this has been done before, but I’m sure vinyl enthusiasts and many of those who grew up with only digital audio will be impressed. And as a promotional tool it’s certainly pretty clever and seems to have generated a fair amount of online buzz – and a good number of requests to the company for extra copies.

Now if they can figure out how to do one that works with CDs that would really be something.

Dasboard – Hits & HiPPO’s

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Your boss is always asking about the number of “hits” your company’s website is getting.

This has not been a valuable success metric since the ’90s, and it is like nails on a chalkboard to any analytics professional. Potential consumers are not “hits” they are people who expect valuable content and a quality user experience when they visit a website.

You still design with HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) standards in mind.

Great design drives conversions, so it needs to be strategically crafted to contribute to design goals. What worked on a previous project or competitor’s building does not necessarily translate to your company. I am not advocating that you discount people’s opinions or blindly follow analytics it is important to take both into account. Data are a great unifier and can help keep people on the same page in board meetings. By combining objective and subjective points of discussion, it is easier to come to sound marketing decisions. Even if the topic on the table is outlandish, cutting edge, or uncharted territory, at least data can be a place to initiate the conversation.

In conclusion, combining marketing insight with data is an extremely powerful and successful strategy.

This can easoly apply to any engineering design project undertaken, and the design brief, or lack of one!

Lost future sales – How stupid can people be?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Few industry sectors will be left unscathed by the worldwide economic recession. The UK construction industry seems of reduced by over 25%. With people changing jobs, moving offices,  due challenges that we are all facing.

Taking the long term view. Even if people may disappear for a bit, from your immediate contact network, the majority will pop up back over time. So, what is it about some people, to be so stupid about marketing?

Representatives, investing time and money, always want to meet with you face to face,  to introduce their service or product. Hopefully, leaving enough support information for you think about the offer or product, that has been discussed. With a future followup call later. This is business..nothing this has been going through time.

Over the last 6 months, any one who gave me a business card or business related email.

I’ve been giving them a Linkedin e-mail invite, so we can stay in touch.
I’ve just found that over 150 contacts did not accept the invite!

“Most sales are not made on the first call. Often it takes six or seven attempts to even get your foot in the door. The key to sales success is in the follow-up!”

When ever you speak to them next, you can predict the conversation …
What are you up to now?
I could not get hold of you!
Can we meet up, need to keep in touch with you!
To see what your up too and explore business opportunity’s.

People invest in the time you get to know you, but don’t stay in touch….
The hardest sell is a cold call. Even if you move on to some somewhere new, you’ll still have your Linkedin contacts available for you to use!

All you had to do was accept the invite!

Hey stupid, wake up!
You lost future sales!

“Results are not a product of one day’s work. It is the cumulative effect of your effort over a period of time that produces the greatest return.”

-Doyle Slayton

Rant over!

The world is not waiting for you

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

The world is not waiting for you, or your products or services, your company or its message. Without a clear program for communication, you just blend in – you become part of the scenery.
So you promote, position and advertise. But along the way, communication often gets fragmented. The result is your audiences get inconsistent, sometimes conflicting impressions and information. Or they may miss your message entirely.

At Davmark, Coming in from outside, we can take a fresh look at the messages you’re sending. One advantage we have is we’re less likely to take things for granted. The irony is you do have something to say, something unique. Even in a crowded field – even if your product or service is like your competition’s – your company and its brands have a personality all their own. Your company’s fingerprint is the key to standing apart from the rest. And that’s where we can help.

As part of our branding and marketing services we offer. We can conduct a brand and marketing audit and review all corporate and marketing communications, internal and external. That means trade ads, annual reports, trade show booths, brochures, sell sheets, training videos, newsletters, press releases, etc. Our outside view assessment can outline a profile of your company in terms of how it now interacts with the world. There may be a few surprises. If you decide to partner with us, we’ll apply sophisticated research and analysis techniques which result in an action plan unique to your company’s branding, its challenges and goals. At the root of those goals will be a pointed, focused strategic plan for all levels and layers of communication.

Delivering a fully integrated marketing communications program for your company and its brands is what we’re all about. With us as a resource, your brand will take on renewed strength and vitality, as it stands apart proudly showing its vibrant identity and personality.

Davmark are in business of selling products and services.

And that’s our responsibility, we give to our clients

“Most companies fail not in their attempts to be innovative or creative, most of them fail because they undervalue the importance of Professional Selling”
– Sir John Harvey – Jones

“If you want to succeed, you’d better look as if you mean business”
– Jeanne Holm

Peter Ducker one of the best thinkers in the world has previously stated “that the purpose of the business is not simply to make money, but to create and keep customers” both in the short and long term.


let’s get going with two simple definitions out the way first!

With advertising it’s generally about branding and a single message to market, using as little amount of words and images, as possible to communicate this to the customer.

Marketing is different it’s about planning and ‘the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably’ – British Chartered Institute of marketing.

This definition if read carefully, covers just about every aspect of business, from what you pay for your raw materials right through to how you make, price, distribute, advertise and sell your product.

The marketing mix

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

The ‘marketing mix’, is the equivalent of a fisherman’s guide – a person who takes you to the best place on unfamiliar water, shows you where to fish, and has some ideas about the best flies to use. The guide doesn’t do any fishing but makes sure that the fisherman has a more enjoyable and successful time than you would on your own.

In simple, factual terms, to provide a good understanding of what a good marketing brief is, and should also accomplish three main objectives.

First, it should give any marketing team and the client a realistic view of what the advertising & marketing needs are, and is likely to achieve. Second, it should provide a clear understanding of the people that the advertising must address, and finally, it needs to give clear direction on the message to which the target audience seems most likely to be susceptible.

Quite simply put, the best advertising, represents a partnership between the client, the advertising and marketing creatives, and the consumer.

This is fundamental to a successful marketing campaign.

Finding the ‘right solution’ rather than any party being ‘right’ themselves, are much more likely to produce more effective advertising campaigns.

That process is seldom, however, as straightforward as

David Slade – about me

Saturday, April 11th, 2009



I commenced work as an apprentice electrician, and have gone on over the last 25 years to hold senior design and management positions working within multinational and SME companies, within Building Services built environment, with a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience, in tacking major capital projects with confidence. I have worked on a vast range of design solutions for different industries and uses.

To be one of the best you need to understand the project communications,  design responsibilities and client confidentiality, when working with clients on internationally-known projects, with curious media interests looking for a story.

Unusually for a engineer trained person. I’ve also had has experience for client’s offering  business development, taking manufacturing products and other professional services to market.

That’s without the cause related charity work.

Known as the ‘Third sector’ – That another different world again.

This is a major clash of mind sets, as they don’t normally fully understand each other.

For the engineer:

Works with facts, engineering physics, rules & regulations, building codes and regulations, use standards to determine what to select and use. Prove with calculations, and designed so that it can be constructed by others.

Computer: Intel computer with Microsoft software: Word, excel, Autocad and other specialist software being used.

Output: drawings, reports, specifications……..For a tender issue – Box or CD full of paper work (A4, A3, A0) bound / loose for copying by others.


For advertising it’s generally about branding and a single message to market, using as little amount of words and images, as possible to communicate this to the intended customer.

Designer: Images, phase, image, look and feel.

Computer:  Apple G5 – (What other computer’s could my client be using then? Intel whats that?)

Output: Dependent on output media: One image, tag line or a poster.

The effort is getting to this delivery point.

Marketing is different it’s about planning and ‘the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably’. This definition covers just about every aspect of business, from what you pay for your raw materials, right through to how you make, price, distribute, advertise and sell the ‘look and feel’ of the product / service.

Designers and publishers:  Apple G5

Management: G5 / Intel computers

I’m also internationally known for my developed in Integrated Information Technology (IIT) design approach solutions.

I’m regularly requested to present these ideas at various seminar / leadership forums and workshops internationally, including CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forums, relating to leading edge IIT solutions and business opportunities, risks and rewards. Introduced and defined “Lifetime Freedom Homes” to the industry.

Welcome to my world