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Monday, April 5th, 2010


Who are xoserve?

Xoserve was founded on 1st May 2005 and is jointly owned by the five major gas distribution Network companies and National Grid’s gas transmission business. Xoserve is an integral part of the restructured gas distribution market in the UK and provides one consistent service point for the gas Shipper companies.

What is the their role?

Xoserve manages all the information relating to the 22 million gas supply points in Britain, domestic, industrial and commercial. This is known as Supply Point Administration, and the information is used to facilitate the transfer processes which enable gas supply competition to operate effectively in the UK.

Xoserve’s Customer Service Centre deals with queries from, and provides information to the major gas Networks’ customers, the gas shippers. This is known as the Data Centre, and it provides information via telephone and email.

When would I need to contact xoserve?

Xoserve provides an M Number enquiry line service for end gas consumers. This enables consumers to call a dedicated phone number to establish what the M Number (the unique identifier) is for their gas supply point and also the identity of the current registered gas supplier at their premises.

Xoserve does not do:

  • Gas Metering (new fixes, exchanges or removals)
  • Metering Readings
  • Gas Connections
  • Electricity
  • How do I contact them?

    Domestic customers wishing to know their current gas supplier should contact Gas Consumer M number helpline on: 0870 608 1524.Commercial customers wishing to know their current gas supplier should contact xoserve on: 0845 601 3049.

    To report a gas escape or gas safety issues call National Gas Service Emergency Line on: 0800 111 999.

    Types of Gas meters – Conventional household type

    Monday, April 5th, 2010

    Types of Meter

    There are two types of meter in common use in households.

    Credit meters

    Gas RatesThe majority of customers have a credit meter which records the amount of gas you use. Gas consumption is measured in units, i.e. hundreds of cubic feet for imperial meters. These gas units need to be multiplied by approximately 31.3 to convert from the units used according to the meter or bill into kilowatt-hours. Exact conversion figures from gas units to kilowatt hours for imperial meters are as follows:

    • Multiply your units used by 2.83 to give you the number of cubic metres of gas used. (If you have a newer metric meter measuring gas in cubic metres you do not need to do this).
    • Multiply by the temperature and pressure figure (1.02264).
    • Multiply by colorific value (39.25)
    • Divide by 3.6 to get the number of kilowatt hours (kWh)

    You should find all these figures laid out on your gas bill.

    With a credit meter you will receive a quarterly bill and someone will come and read your meter every six months. Estimated bills will be send out when there has not been a reading and you can call and give your actual reading for a more accurate bill.

    When giving a meter reading, you may need your MPRN (Gas Meter Point Reference Number. This is the unique identifying number for your gas meter. It is a ten digit number and can be found on your gas bill.

    It is sometimes referred to as a ‘M’ number.

    Prepayment meters

    Gas RatesWith this type of meter, you pay for your gas before you use it. Coinless prepayment (‘smartcard’) meters have replaced token, key and coin meters.You charge your card with a certain amount of credit and the meter records the amount of gas you have used.

    Your gas supplier can tell you where you can get you card or key charged.