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Japanese Firms Prototype Battery-less Remote Control

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

NEC Electronics Corp and Soundpower Corp prototyped a remote control that does not require a battery and is intended for home electric appliances.

The announcement was made Nov 17, 2009. And the remote control will be exhibited at Embedded Technology 2009, a trade show that will take place from Nov 18, 2009, in Yokohama City, Japan.

The remote control was realized by combining (1) a vibration-based power generation device developed by Soundpower, (2) NEC Electronics’ microcomputer supporting RF remote controls that use radio waves with a frequency band ranging from several tens of MHz to several GHz to transmit and receive data and (3) a power supply control technology that drives electronic circuits with a small amount of electricity.

Specifically, electricity is generated by utilizing the weak vibration caused by pressing a button on the remote control. The electronic circuits of the remote control are driven by the electricity to turn on and off a TV set, adjust the sound volume and switch channels.

NEC Electronics and Soundpower started the joint development of the remote control in December 2006. And they plan to promote its adoption by consumer-electronics makers until 2011.