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TECHNICAL – Electrical Supply Standards and Other Documents

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Standards and Other Documents

Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR)
The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002 – Statutory Instrument Number 2665 -HMSO ISBN 0-11-042920-6 abbreviated to ESQCR in this document.
[Available FoC on DTI web site:]

BS EN 50160 Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution systems

BS 7671: 2001 Requirements for Electrical Installations IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition.

Distribution Codes
a) The Distribution Code of the DNOs of Great Britain

[Available FoC on Distribution Code website]

b) The Distribution Code for Northern Ireland

Grid Codes

a) The Grid Code for England and Wales
b) The Grid Code for Scotland
c) The Grid Code for Northern Ireland

Engineering Recommendation G5/4-1 (2001)
Planning levels for harmonic voltage distortion and the connection of nonlinear equipment to transmission and distribution networks in the United Kingdom.

Engineering Recommendation G12/3

Requirements for the application of protective multiple earthing to low voltage

Engineering Recommendation G59/1, Amendment 1 (1995)
Recommendations for the Connection of Embedded Generating Plant to the Regional Electricity Companies’ Distribution Systems.

Engineering Recommendation G74
Procedures to meet the requirements of IEC 909 for the calculation of short circuit currents in three phase AC power systems.

Engineering Recommendation G75/1, (2002)
Recommendations for the connection embedded generation plant to public distribution networks above 20kV or with outputs over 5MW.

Engineering Recommendation G83/1-1 (2003)
Recommendations for the connection of small-scale embedded generators (up to 16A per phase) in parallel with public low-voltage distribution networks.

Engineering Recommendation P2/6
Security of Supply

Distribution planning standards of voltage and of security of supply. (Parts of
Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution Ltd Area)

Engineering Recommendation P14
Preferred switchgear ratings.

Engineering Recommendation P24
AC traction supplies to British Rail.

Engineering Recommendation P25
The short circuit characteristics of electricity boards low voltage distribution
networks and the co-ordination of overcurrent protective devices on 230V single phase supplies up to 100A.

Engineering Recommendation P26/1
The estimation of the maximum prospective short circuit current for three phase 415V supplies.Engineering Recommendation P28 (1989)
Planning limits for voltage fluctuations caused by industrial, commercial and domestic equipment in the United Kingdom.

Engineering Recommendation P29 (1990)
Planning limits for voltage unbalance in the UK for 132 kV and below.

Electricity Association Engineering Recommendation S34 (1986)
A guide for assessing the rise of earth potential at substation sites, 1986.

Electricity Association Technical Specification (EA TS) 41-24 November 2009
Guidelines for the design, installation, testing and maintenance of main earthing systems in substations,.

Engineering Technical Report No. 113, Revision 1 (1995)
Notes of Guidance for the Protection of Embedded Generating Plant up to 5 MW for Operation in Parallel with Public Electricity Suppliers’ distribution systems.

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