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Lost future sales – How stupid can people be?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Few industry sectors will be left unscathed by the worldwide economic recession. The UK construction industry seems of reduced by over 25%. With people changing jobs, moving offices,  due challenges that we are all facing.

Taking the long term view. Even if people may disappear for a bit, from your immediate contact network, the majority will pop up back over time. So, what is it about some people, to be so stupid about marketing?

Representatives, investing time and money, always want to meet with you face to face,  to introduce their service or product. Hopefully, leaving enough support information for you think about the offer or product, that has been discussed. With a future followup call later. This is business..nothing this has been going through time.

Over the last 6 months, any one who gave me a business card or business related email.

I’ve been giving them a Linkedin e-mail invite, so we can stay in touch.
I’ve just found that over 150 contacts did not accept the invite!

“Most sales are not made on the first call. Often it takes six or seven attempts to even get your foot in the door. The key to sales success is in the follow-up!”

When ever you speak to them next, you can predict the conversation …
What are you up to now?
I could not get hold of you!
Can we meet up, need to keep in touch with you!
To see what your up too and explore business opportunity’s.

People invest in the time you get to know you, but don’t stay in touch….
The hardest sell is a cold call. Even if you move on to some somewhere new, you’ll still have your Linkedin contacts available for you to use!

All you had to do was accept the invite!

Hey stupid, wake up!
You lost future sales!

“Results are not a product of one day’s work. It is the cumulative effect of your effort over a period of time that produces the greatest return.”

-Doyle Slayton

Rant over!