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SEAIIT Unleashed

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

David Slade and Steve Goldspink at SEAITT have developed its core products from the ‘bottom up’, with the focus on the customers experience in mind.
Taking complex technologies and the latest  ‘good to go’ technology to market – for the user experience to
be simple, straight forward and hassle-free, for its commercial and Real Estate clients. Transforming the power of your building,  working smarter.

SEAIIT is a new approach to business, and for its customers, who wish to obtain seamless enterprise integration, providing automated end-to-end system integration solutions, from simple lighting control all the way to to full converged automated enterprise solutions for the multi-nation business client. Connecting People, Information, and Assets with the Best ways to Maximize Business Value

SEAIIT a leading service provider to Commercial and Corporate Real Estate enterprises, plan to  launch product after product, throughout 2011, all based on SEAIIT’s BI solution based roadmap and scaleable ‘core’ base offerings.

SEAIIT’s roadmap is challenging, as they are striving to prove the client with a seamless experience second to none, as an independent enterprise system integrator – the ‘glue guys’ who can put together whole converged enterprise solutions together, bespoke to each customer requirements, based on SEAIIT proven scalable core products. The effective integration of people, processes, information, technology and environment.

Anyone privy to SEAIIT’s business alliance partners / suppliers list, would discover an international ‘who’s who’ list, with all the major brands incorporated, covering the whole breath of different industries combining construction & engineering, contractors and supplies, Information Technology and Services providers, and other allied experts the their own fields incorporated. Its would be easier to ask which internationally known brands are not yet intergrated within the SEAIIT offering!

When ever you speak to SEAIIT experts, such as founders David and Steve . They have a way of talking to both the layman and the more advanced practitioner, that only they can, where you come away with practical advice that can help you make your business more agile, responsive and successful and with a better understanding of what you are able to achieve today, as only possible from those who apply the technology, can.   With quality and independence at the heart of SEAIIT,  you’ll be able to get answers to your questions from experts, gained from collaborate with its peers, and SEAIIT’s business alliance partners network.