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M: (+44) 07824 638853    E-Mail: david.slade@davmark.co.uk


  • Managing director position held for over 15 years; understands corporate business world and the responsibilities that go with the position. www.davmark.co.uk
  • My primary professional experience is making a difference. Design, development and support open and scalable building automation solutions, promoting an energy efficient and environmental design of buildings worldwide, using smart products and solutions that create a more comfortable, safe and sustainable world.
  • Building relationships with clients advising on business management solutions that reveal, optimize and realize value for the commercial real estate industry to better manage  people, property and assets. Managing the end-to-end relationship and delivery of building services, Telecommunications and ICT related solutions including Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS). Undertaking business ventures with a win – win outcome.
  • Working with many of the world’s best-known companies, household names at the front of their field in virtually every industry sector. As a system integrator helping our clients implement previously unimaginable concepts, often using leading-edge technologies on projects that are pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible
  • Developing new solutions, processes and technologies that are way beyond the reach of any single enterprise. So whether you’re seeking the pinnacle of a technical specialism or a broader base of expertise, as some of my clients refer to me as the “glue man” the guy who puts it all together, making it happen. In the USA its known as an enterprise systems networks architect.
  • Creator, Innovator, Planner, Strengths in identifying and solving problems, and communicating ideas, to be championed as a win-win outcome as the ultimate goal for all (Client, designer and installer) within agreed target KPI targets and ROI’s.
  • Experience of business development, branding and taking products and services to market, in defining service offerings and client fee negotiation.
  • Project manager, Electrical and system integrator designer, problem-solving/decision making, leadership, oral/written communications, team-building, performance and productivity improvement, project management professional, Client’s Business Plans, CAPEX / OPEX Finance support, Marketing strategies, outline and detailed scheme presentations.Seasoned electrical design engineer representing multi national and SME size clients, within the Building Services built environment, in tacking major capital projects with confidence, applying a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience to the task; identifying technical requirements for M&E projects and delivering compliant quality designs on time and budget, managing over 100 staff and sub-contractors. Worked on a vast range of design solutions for different industries and uses, based upon BS7671 and NFPA 70 National Electrical Code, for UK and international overseas projects.

Project management duties & tasks undertaken:

Cost Forecasting and Analysis, Design Development and Value Engineering Reviews, Building Services Surveys; Commissioning Management, Client handover and demonstrations. CDM & Health and Safety related matters, Project Management, Facilitating client or consultation duties to ensure all design and installation requirements are implemented, contract agreements, scope of works, and liaison with all main/principle contractors and sub contractors / specialist suppliers to achieve resolution and closure of all design and associated responsibilities & installation issues. DSEAR, ATEX, HAZOP studies.

Infrastructure duties & tasks undertaken:

Infrastructure Analysis and Design, Planning Submission and other legal Consents; Utilities coordination; EHV & HV network design, GS/OS standards and OFGEM / Regulatory framework; Energy Networks Association Technical Specifications [ENATS] ER G5/4, 59/1; 57/1 & 83, private networks, DNO’s, ASA, OAMI’s, LEC’S.

Design engineering duties & tasks undertaken:

Electrical services design to BS7671 (Including Lighting, Electrical distribution, General power, Fire Detection & Protection, Intelligent Building, security & CCTV, IT and General Building Services), Integrated Design Co-ordination, General and Technical Specifications, M&E Design Authority and Resident Engineer & Supervision duties, life-cycle, PFI Schemes, Reports  (Technical, Financial and Executive summaries), Vertical Transport design, Standby UPS and generator power, CHP/Co-generation, renewable energy sources. FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects, and Critical Analysis)

Client side duties & tasks undertaken:

Developing, implementing and cultivating long-term strategic business goals and objectives, in conjunction with stakeholders. Responsible for developing the company standards, monitoring and reporting of existing services capability and planned growth. Propose capital project planning & rollout for all new and development of existing real-estate. Ensuring the business is never affected by planned company growth, expansion role outs or service outages. The approval of all major planned maintenance regimes, to be achieved safely, within approved procedures and standards and within agreed target KPI targets and ROI’s. RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance), LORA (Level Of Repair Analysis)

Specific Achievements:

1994-2009 formed Davmark Ltd for the building Services built environment; providing full system integration building services design consultancy. Direct, organise, and lead projects in the implementation and use of traditional and advance leading-edge engineering solutions and systems. Develop the engineering definitions in these new areas and new portal integrated solutions, to non traditional building services design interoperability elements and Building interface solutions. Cultivating a culture of pragmatic innovation, applying tried and tested solutions, or developing innovative technology, and methods of construction to meet new challenges. With the objective to enable the client to achieve their goals – whether it be maximising usable space, optimising energy efficiency and savings, or achieving other aspirations.

Internationally known for Integrated Information Technology (IIT) Innovation engineering design approach. For the home market, created the Lifetime Freedom Home (LFH) solution.

Regularly requested to present these ideas at various seminar / leadership forums and workshops internationally, relating to leading edge IIT & Lifetime Freedom Home’s concept solutions, highlighting the business opportunities, risks and rewards.

Unusual projects undertaken include:

  • BAA – Airport terminals, pier extensions and baggage development work, including terminal T5B Electrical services and developed and deployed a project site wide master schedule, for both power, associated mechanical and BMS controls, plus all BAA fire, IT, fibre networks, life safety, VA/PA, FIDS, MAID, LAN Telephone, LAN security systems and other type services. BAA controlled/managed systems and third parties airline airport systems.
  • Crown Estates new corporate headquarters – At time of construction the most advance service integrated building, achieving a BREEAM excellent certificate.
  • Libya’s $14B Great Man River Project, providing 2 million m3 water capacity a day along a network of 1200km pipelines and feeder pump stations, enabling 155,000ha of land to be cultivated with two complete townships constructed to accommodate the operational & maintenance staff and families;
  • T-Mobile – Responsible for electrical services at all buildings and masts within mainland UK and Northern Ireland as design authority, chief engineer, and major projects manager.
  • Level 3 Communications transatlantic European internet backbone rollout, with at least one data centre in every capital city; Electrical design responsibilities for generic design solution and particular shell & fit out design construction. Including Level(3) transatlantic European Network link including Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, London, Manchester, Madrid, Malian, Paris & Zurich.
  • SEGRO 52ha Farnborough Business Park, EHV/ LV infrastructure and outline design development;
  • TESCO National distribution centre at Milton Keynes built to employ 1200 people distributing non food produce and transport servicing requirements plus numerous food stores.
  • MOD Woodbridge Airfield £82M 69ha base redevelopment;
  • School PFI developments
  • Government buildings along Whitehall and the regions, including Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, Responsible for electrical service scheme proposals, and final executive presentations. (£450M)
  • LUL Metronet – Full design duties on London Underground refurbishment project, including Oxford Circus station.
  • Whiteley Village Retail Park (£92M) redevelopment project, from initial concept design to detailed design, on mixed ACE design duties. Responsible for site wide Infrastructure design of all M&E incoming and distributed services and general building electrical services and enabling associated works.
  • Superyacht, – floating Seaworthy hotel chain development, the smallest ship being 180 meters in length , to be semi-permanent docked ships at moored key site locations around the world.
  • Reading shopping centre – Full development redevelopment designed for full system M&E, fire, security and vertical transport, full integration, shopping mail, shop units, dwellings and sports centre based on BACNet & Lonworks open system.
  • 186K – Data centre switch sites and PoP’s

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